Technical Information
Sectionlift 6 Sectionlift 20
Minimum Beam Length 500mm 500mm
Maximum Beam Length 4m 12m
Maximum Load Capacity 6.5t @ 2m / 2t @ 4m 24t @ 5m / 6t @ 12m

Modular Sectional Beams

SectionLift Modular Sectional Beams are a versatile system of interchangeable components which are assembled to provide a wide array of lifting solutions of up to 12m. They can be assembled to form virtually any span or configuration allowing for a cost effective lifting solution for a wide range of lifting and handling applications. From a simple 2 point spreader beam to a complex multi-beam lifting rig, these beams can be constructed to lift the most complicated structures.

  • Modular/sectional lifting solutions of up to 12m
  • Max. load capacity: 24 tonnes @ 5m


Calculation for SWL of Each Single Leg Top Sling (2 required)

For 30° STV Angle = Load x 0.58

For 45° STV Angle = Load x 0.70

For Maximum SWL (24t) @ 30° STV Angle = 14t

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