Technical Information
Prime Rating 100A
Output 5 x 32A single phase
Solar Panels (Onboard) 4.5kvA/3.6W
Generator Backup Power 25kVA/19.8kW
Fuel Tank Capacity 400l
Grid Connection (optional) 20kW
Charge Time 3h
Weight 4,050kg
Dimensions L 3200 x W2250 x H 2581mm
Noise Levels Zero


Solar Generator 30kVA

Reduce fuel costs and significantly diminish your on-site carbon emissions using our unique hybrid power generator. Cleverly combining solar PV, battery storage and a back up generator, this unit provides a super-efficient, and ultra-environmentally friendly power source for sites or applications where no mains power is available.

An additional benefit of this hybrid generator is greatly reduced noise levels with the back-up generator only operating occasionally to recharge batteries. A 100% zero noise option can also be
achieved using mains power to override the generator.

  • Reliable power source for your site
  • Compact footprint with extendable solar panels
  • Integral backup diesel generator
  • Large battery bank power storage

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