Technical Information
Length 2025mm
Width 720mm
Weight 100kg
S W L 500kg

Board Trolly / Bench

Our Flat Sheet Board Trolly, a versatile solution that goes beyond simple transportation. This trolly not only efficiently moves plasterboard and various sheets but also doubles as a functional work table. Its innovative design allows it to travel vertically, making it perfect for accessing narrow doorways and tight spaces. Then, with ease, it can be rotated horizontally to transform into a reliable workbench.

Enjoy the convenience of using it as a horizontal work table, providing a stable platform for various tasks. When you encounter challenging spaces, effortlessly rotate it vertically to navigate through doorways and corridors. It’s an effective and efficient solution for transporting bulk sheets and optimizing your workspace, making it an invaluable addition to your equipment lineup.

  • Can be used horizontally as a work table
  • Rotate vertically to access narrow areas
  • Effective transport of bulk sheets
Hire Prices (exc VAT)
1st Day Extra Day Weekly
£19.00 £10.00 £40.00

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