Technical Information
Max Lifting Capacity 900kg
Max Lifting Height 4.3m
Max Forward Reach 3.1m
Width 1240mm / 1800mm
Weight 1,568kg
Power Source Petrol 11.7hp
Max incline 20%

Pick and Carry Crane 900kg Tracked

The unique tracked pick and carry crane allows safe positioning and handling of goods or materials on soft ground or rough terrain. The tracked crawler chassis provides low ground pressures while retractable tracks allow access to narrow driveways or paths. With a lift capacity of 900kg, forward reach of over 3m and lift height of 4.3m, the tracked pick and carry crane is ideal for positioning glass, marble slabs or structural beams in otherwise hard to reach places.

  • Rough terrain pick & carry capabilities
  • Retractable tracks allow narrow access
  • 900kg capacity
  • 4.3m lift height
  • Easy to operate

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