Technical Information
Product Code 40570
Max Lifting Capacity 1500kg
Total Machine Weight 311kg
Max Travelling Speed 6km/h
Wheels Foam filled puncture proof
Voltage 24 volts
Charger Integrated 230 volt (110 volt)
Lifting Function Electro-hydraulic

Liftable Flatbed Transport Trolly

This liftable flatbed transport trolly is a battery powered transport trolly with a hydraulic liftable flatbed table designed to replace manual plasterboard carriers. Easy to operate, the trolly is fitted with an all-terrain electric drive motor and 4-wheel steer for excellent manoeuvrability on site. The trolly will transport building materials such as timber, plasterboard, glass, or stone to areas that other equipment such as forklifts cannot.

  • Capacity up to 1500kg
  • Powerful electric motors
  • 4-wheel steering
  • Suitable for off-road and construction sites
  • Lift and Go flatbed raises by 150mm

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