Technical Information
Toilet spec
Interior size 1160mm x 1090mm
Interior height 2110mm
Weight 88kg
Holding tank capacity 227l
Sink capacity 76l
2 Loo 3 Loo
GVW 2000kg 2000kg
Overall Length 4.35m 5.0m
Width 2.1m 2.1m
No. toilets 2 3
Features Full steps Full steps

Portable Event Toilet Trailers

Our portable event toilet trailers are the ultimate solution for swift access to high-quality restroom facilities. These units are designed to meet the immediate needs of events, social gatherings, campgrounds, caravan sites, and emergency situations.

Our trailers feature luxurious fresh flush toilets, complete with full fold-down access steps and ample lighting. These spacious and impeccably hygienic toilets deliver an unrivaled restroom experience, meeting the expectations of even the most discerning VIP users.

Whether you’re hosting an event, managing a campsite, or responding to an emergency, our portable toilet trailers provide a premium and convenient solution. Elevate the restroom experience for your guests or users with our top-tier facilities, ensuring comfort and satisfaction in any situation.

  • Towable behind car or van
  • Prompt set-up
  • Luxury fresh flush toilets
  • Spacious & hygienic

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