Technical Information
Length 1700mm
Height 1800mm
Width 815mm
Weight 65kg
Load Capacity 600kg

Glass Panel Trolly

Our Adjustable Length Glass Panel Trolly, the ultimate solution for the secure and safe movement of glass panels around your worksite. Its versatility shines through with its adjustable length, ensuring it can adapt to various panel sizes and job requirements.

This trolley is purpose-built to navigate tight spaces with its narrow width, making it highly maneuverable even in confined areas. Despite its slim profile, it offers stability and control, thanks to its large wheels that provide smooth and secure handling.

Experience the ease and efficiency of glass panel transportation with our trolley, designed for both safety and convenience. It’s your trusted partner for seamlessly moving glass panels within your worksite, ensuring secure load management and hassle-free maneuvering.

  • Adjustable length
  • Secure load area
  • Narrow width

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