Technical Information
Max. Lift Capacity 800kg
Width 890mm
Length min. (with/without tip) 3461 / 3063mm
Length max. (with/without tip) 4671 / 4273mm
Height min. (without/ with castors) 1145 / 1380mm
Height max. (without/ with castors) 2620 / 2855mm
Dead Weight 1060kg
Extension Lengths 1250mm / 1500mm / 1750mm / 2000mm

Counterbalance Beams

Every construction site or renovation has its special circumstances, areas that are difficult to reach such as balconies, canopies or under eves niches, often presenting a challenge for installers or erectors. Overhanging or counterbalance beams offer a solution to this problem by balancing the install load with a radio-controlled moving counterweight that moves along the beam to match the required weight. These counterbalance beams are ideal for installing and positioning glass using a vacuum lifter or for numerous other applications.

  • Reach difficult areas under canopies or balconies
  • Attach a glass vacuum for easy installation
  • Radio remote controlled
  • Maximum capacity 800kg

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