Technical Information
Accuracy Hz and V 2’’ (0.6 mgon), 5’’ (1.5mgon)
Range 1.5m to 3500m / R500: 1.5m to 500m
Working Range / Accuracy 5 – 150m / typically 5cm @ 100m
Operating Time 8 – 10h
Weight 5.0kg

Robotic Total Station 12590

Designed for 1 person operation, this robotic total station is ideal for construction projects of any scale. With minimal training required this tool provides high levels of accuracy and efficiency using digital layout techniques which are a necessity within modern processes.

The total station allows users to layout lines for footings, formwork or foundations, it can also provide points for building layers and provide locations for internal fitting out works to name just a few applications.

  • Prepare and execute construction tasks quicker, easier and more accurately
  • Four button keyboard for easy operation
  • Quick and easy to set up and use

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